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WES-Mac PTO Holiday Fair     Saturday Dec. 2nd     10-3 at Westport Jr/Sr High

English Language Arts (Period 8-03)

William Bernier
Westport Junior & Senior High School

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  • Frayer Model 8 due on Monday
  • Remember that everyone who gives a dollar to the Animals in Captivity fundraiser on Monday, gets a Christmas pencil (or a mechanical one--your choice).
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9/13 Sophia Terra/Anna Camisa
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9/15 Trevon Vickery-Gilheany/Megan DosVais
9/18 Charles DosVais/Emma-Lee Mendell
9/19 Madison Benson/Lily Pichette
9/20 Amanda Martin/Gwen Pichette
9/21 Madison Mazzarella/Emma Gendreau
9/22 Brian Parker/Abby Silvia
9/25 Giovanni Rego/Izzy Rapoza
9/26 Nate Gifford/Marissa Hazel