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WES-Mac PTO Holiday Fair     Saturday Dec. 2nd     10-3 at Westport Jr/Sr High

"See Something Say Something"

October 16, 2017

Dear Parents & Guardians,

My name is Briannah Lopes and I am a Senior at Westport Junior Senior High school. As part of my Senior project, I am looking to create a safe school environment by educating students and adults on the importance of sharing concerns with adults or school administration and how to correctly report these signs. Throughout my research of school violence and dangers, I have noticed that due to the intensity of this issue, it is often not talked about in many schools. I hope to change this by implementing the “See Something Say Something” program into Westport Junior Senior High School. By doing this I hope to be able to educate students on the severity of this issue and provide ways to decrease the stigmas of discussing difficult topics. To help spread my message, I have invited a representative from the Sandy Hook Promise to come and speak to our school.

Sandy Hook Promise is an organization that was created after the Sandy Hook shooting on December 14, 2012. They have made it their goal to educate students around the country on these tragedies and how to prevent them from happening.

The presenter will be here on Thursday October 19th and will be discussing the following topics:

  • The importance of taking action by telling a trusted adult.
  • Signals and threats of potential violence
  • Recognizing warning signs

If you do not wish to have your child be a part of this presentation please call 508-636-1050 x4242 and provide your child’s name and grade. Counselors will be in attendance for the presentation and will also be available after if any student is looking for support. If you would like to know more about the Sandy Hook Promise, you can visit their website at www.sandyhookpromise.org for more information.

Thank you,

Briannah Lopes

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