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WES-Mac PTO Holiday Fair     Saturday Dec. 2nd     10-3 at Westport Jr/Sr High

Elementary News

PTO sponsored assemblies for WES

Grades 5 and 6 will be taking part in "Worth It".
from the webpage, "Each day is full of choices - decisions we all have to make. Whether it's deciding to skip breakfast or finish your homework, each decision, no matter the size and weight of them, has the power to influence you in both positive and negative ways. Unfortunately, the ability to choose what's best for us is often clouded by the way we view ourselves. Instead of asking, "Is this worth it?" we let others control our decisions, giving in to the pressure to participate in negative behavior like using drugs & alcohol in an effort to appear "worth it" to those around us."
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PTO sponsored Assemblies for WES Students

Grades 3 & 4 will be taking part in "The Right Choice" .
from the webpage, "Every day each one of us has so many choices to make. We choose what we will wear, what we will eat, what friends to hang out with, what to do with our spare time, and we even choose our attitude! We all have the power to choose, but are all our choices the right ones?"
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Bill Harley Visit

Thank you to Mr. Harley for visiting our school! and a Special Thank you to our Media Center Specialist, Mrs. Susan Viveiros and the Friends of the Westport Library (F.O.W.L.) for this exciting experience.
Please click on the link above to see the video Mrs. Viveiros created for this event!
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Author to Visit Westport Elementary

The Friends of the Westport Library are hosting an author visit here at WES. With the coordination of Mrs. Viveiros, our Media Center Specialist, Mr. Bill Harley will be meeting with our 4th and 5th graders on September 28th!
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Parent/Guardian OPEN HOUSE

Wednesday, September 7
6:00 for Grade 3 Parents and Guardians - Meeting in cafeteria followed by classroom visit with homeroom teacher.
6:30 for Grades 4,5,6 Parents and Guardians - Meeting in cafeteria followed by classroom visit with homeroom teacher.
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