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Practicum Students, Interns, and Observations


Thank you for your interest in Westport Community Schools! We welcome students, developing educators, and those interested in the field of education to come work with our professional educators to complete your practicum, internships, or observation hours. Prior to completing any school requirements the following must be completed:

  • A letter on department head or school letterhead clearly stating the purpose of the internship, practicum, or observation. The number of hours needed to be completed and any specific school requirements must also be addressed. Please be sure to list the grade level(s) and subject matter(s) you would like to complete your hours in. Also know that while we try our best to place all students it is not always possible.
  • A SAFIS (Federal Background Check) must be completed and the report must be received by the Human Resource office prior to entering any classroom.
  • A CORI (state Criminal Offender Record Check) must ALSO be completed in addition to the SAFIS.
  • A Student & Intern Confidentiality Agreement must be read in its entirety and signed off.
  • Employee handbook must be read and the acknowledgement of receipt must be signed.

Once the documents above are received by Human Resources and approved by the Superintendent of Schools, only then can we begin the process of placing you into a classroom.

In accordance with the MA DESE, students can only be placed in classrooms where a teacher holds a professional license, has taught for at least three full years, and has a summative evaluation rating of proficient or higher.

Documents can be forwarded to:

Human Resources
RE: Student Teaching
Westport Community Schools
17 Main Road
Westport, MA 02790

Please keep in mind that we are a small school district and are not always able to place students with a supervising educator. Also we cannot guarantee the number of hours you are required to complete. Please plan accordingly.