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If you need to email one of the staff members, first initial, last name

eg. Michelle Rapoza,

First Name Last Name School Title Employee Type Email 
Norman Abrahamson  WHS  Social Studies Teacher WFT
Kevin Aguiar  HS  Assistant Principal Administration
Tricia  Aguiar  MAC  Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Kristy Almeida  WES  2nd Grade Teacher WFT
Cassandra Alves  HS Math Teacher WFT
Sherry Amaral  WES  Teacher Assistant - LBL Para/TA
Nicole Anderson  MAC  Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Kelly Araujo  WES  Interventionist WFT
Renato Araujo  Custodians - PM Custodian Facilities
Amy Arruda   Jr/Sr HS   Special Education Clerk Secretarial/Clerks
Karen Arruda  Food Service   Staff - WES Food Service Cafeteria
Thomas Aubin  WCS District Superintendent Administration
Karen Augusto  WCS District Executive Secretary for Super Business Office
Melissa Avila  WMS  Computer Science Teacher WFT
Nicholas Avilla   WMS Self Contain Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Rebecca Avilla  WMS  Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Jamie Barton  Custodians - Mid Custodian - night Facilities
Carol Beaupre  WMS Self Contain Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Madeline Bednarz  Jr/Sr HS  School Clerk Secretarial/Clerks
Cynthia Bell  WES  STEM Teacher WFT
Jonathan Bernier  WMS 7th/8th Grade English Teacher WFT
William Bernier  WMS 7th/8th Grade English Teacher WFT
Jennifer Borelli  WMS  School Adjustment Counselor WFT
Christina Borges  WHS  Counselor WFT
Paul Bornstein  WHS  Special Education Teacher WFT
Rebecca Boyle  WES  2nd Grade Teacher WFT
Heather Branco  MAC  Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Natalie Branco  WES  SC Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Nathaniel Brown  WMS  7th/8th Grade Science Teacher WFT
Ian Burrows  WHS Math Teacher WFT
Heather Cabral  WMS   LPN Nurses
John Cabral  Technology Technology Support Technician Technology
Michelle Cairol  WHS  Executive Secretary Secretarial/Clerks
Ginger Cameron  SPED  Occupational Therapist WFT
Emily Capar  WES  3rd Grade Teacher WFT
Crystal Carreiro  WES  Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Elizabeth Carvalho  WMS  Music Teacher WFT
Ari  Chandler  District Speech Language Pathologist Assistant WFT
Wendi Charbonneau  WMS  SC Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Heidi Charest  WHS  Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Laura Charette  WMS  Principal Administration
Jennifer Chaves  WCS District   Admins Extended Day Director Administration
Elizabeth Chouinard  WES  4th Grade Teacher WFT
Jill Cipollini  District Human Resources Assistant  Exempt
Kevin Clark  WHS  Business Teacher WFT
Thomas Clark  WHS  English Teacher WFT
Darcey  Cohen   WHS Special Education Teacher WFT
Erin Connors  WES  3rd Grade Teacher WFT
Kelley Cooper  SpED  Behavior TA Para/TA
Lucy Cordeiro  MAC Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Jacqueline Corey  Jr/Sr HS  Clerk Secretarial/Clerks
Allison Correia  MAC  Kindergarten Teacher WFT
Roseanna Correia  Food Service   Staff - WES Food Service Cafeteria
Andrea Cottrill  WMS   5th/6th Grade Math Teacher WFT
Andrew Cottrill  WMS 6th Grade Math Teacher WFT
Kelly Croft  WMS 6th Grade English Teacher WFT
Kathleen Cummings  WMS Teacher Assistant - LBL Para/TA
Tammy DaCamara  WHS Food Service Staff Cafeteria
Robert  DaCosta  Custodians - Mid Custodian - night Facilities
Celia Daluz  WHS  Health/Wellness Teacher WFT
Diane DaPonte  SPED .5 Lead Nurse Nurses
Debra Darkow  WES  Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Derek Dasilva  WMS  Special Education Teacher WFT
Jillian Davenport  WES  4th Grade Teacher WFT
Scott  Davis  District School Resource Officer
Brandi Daviski  WMS  Special Education Teacher WFT
Lindsey De Andrade  WES  Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Kelly Dean  MAC  Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Cynthia DeFreitas  SPED  Speech Language Pathologist WFT
Annette Degagne  WMS  Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Marlo Dennis  WES  Music Teacher WFT
Lori Deston  Custodians - AM Custodian - District Facilities
Jeanine Deveau  MAC  Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Lauren Driscoll  WMS  5th Grade Math Teacher WFT
Michael Duarte  WCS District   Admins Supervisor of Maintenance Administration
Amy DuBois  WMS 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher WFT
Kimberly Duclos  SPED .5 Lead Nurse Nurses
Angela Dullea  SPED  Teacher of Visually Impaired WFT
Stacey Duquette  MAC / WES /   District Admins  Principal Administration
Donna Edwards  WES  1st Grade Teacher WFT
Crystal Enos WCS District   Admins Exec. Secretary Special Education Administration
Marie Fallows  WMS  School Counselor WFT
John Faria   Jr. WCS District Custodian- Mid Shift
Edneuza Farias  WHS  World Language Teacher WFT
Stacey Farias  WES Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Jodi Ferreira  WMS 5th Grade Math Teacher WFT
Linda Ferreira  WMS  Special Education Teacher WFT
Kathryn Flanagan  MAC  Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Thomas Flanagan  WMS  8th Grade Science Teacher WFT
Rachel Flynn  SPED  SLPA Para/TA
Rachel Fortier  MAC  SC Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Nadine Fournier  WMS  Self Contain Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Jennifer Gargiulo  WMS  7th/8th Grade Math Teacher WFT
Barbara Gesner  WES  Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Karen Giblin  WHS  Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Sherrie Giovannini  Food Service -   MAC Food Service Manager Cafeteria
Tammy Gluchacki  WES  1st Grade Teacher WFT
Lindsey Gosson  WES  2nd Grade Teacher WFT
Judith Graham  Technology Network Systems Administrator Technology
Michael Grandfield  WES  Vice Principal Administration
Cheryl Guild  WES  4th Grade Teacher WFT
Jonathan  Guild  WHS Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Ann Hathaway  WES ELL Teacher WFT
Daniel Harrington  WHS  Science Teacher WFT
Elisabeth Harrington  MAC  School Adjustment Counselor WFT
Michael Harrison  WMS Executive Secretary Secretarial/Clerks
Lucy Hassey  Business Office Payroll Business Office
Scotty Hayes  Jr/Sr HS - AFSCME Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Alison Higham  WES  4th Grade Teacher WFT
Deborah Janik  WMS  6th Grade Social Studies Teacher WFT
Judith Jennings  WMS 7th Grade Math Teacher WFT
Casey Jones  Custodians  Custodian - day Facilities
Monique Jones  WHS Special Education Teacher WFT
Lisa Kaminski District / MAC Director of Curriculum
Matthew Kampper  WMS  Health/Wellness Teacher WFT
Rebecca Kearney  WES  School Adjustment Counselor WFT
Mary Ann Kelly  WES  Licensed Practical Nurse LPN
John Kenepp  Technology Website Administrator, Technology Support Technician Technology
Sheila Kenyon  Business Office Accounts Payable Business Office
Mihaela Krupa  Food Service -   WHS Food Service Staff Cafeteria
Melissa Lambert  WHS  Art Teacher WFT
Karen Lavenda MAC  Kindergarten Teacher WFT
Jennifer Lavoie MAC Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Sherrie Lees  WMS  Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Kimberley Legendre MAC  Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Suzanne Lemar MAC  Clerk Secretarial/Clerks
Martha Lesuer District  Psychologist WFT
Jeffrey  Levasseur Custodians  Custodian - day Facilities
Jaclyn MacDonald WES  Special Education Teacher WFT
Janice Machado Food Service Staff  Food Service Cafeteria
Nicole Machado WES  Nurse Nurses
Branden Magalhaes  WMS  Bus.& Career Readiness Teacher WFT
Johanna Marcel WES  Special Education Teacher WFT
Daniel Marques WHS  School to Career Teacher WFT
Benjamin Marshalek  WHS Health/Wellness Teacher WFT
Susan Martin WES  Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Alexander Matos WES Teacher Assistant Para/Ta
Jacob Mauk Custodians - PM Custodian - Days Facilities
Sandra Mauk SPED Behavior Teacher WFT
Kristin McDaniel Business Office Human Resources Business Office
Andrew McGinnis  WHS Science Teacher WFT
Kerri McKinnon  WHS  Principal Administration
Laura McMeniman  WHS  Math Teacher WFT
Andrea Medeiros  WMS Special Education Teacher WFT
Jennifer Medeiros  MAC  Kindergarten Teacher WFT
Mary-Jo Medeiros  WHS  School Adjustment Counselor WFT
Leslie Meehan WHS Science Teacher WFT
Rebecca Mekshes WHS Social Studies Teacher WFT
Erin Mello  WHS  Special Education Teacher WFT
Paula Mello WMS Teacher Assistant - LBL Para/TA
Amanda Melo WES  Reading Interventionist WFT
Loriann Melo WES  Executive Secretary Secretarial/Clerks
William  Menard Custodians  Custodian - night Facilities
Regina Mercer  WHS  English Teacher WFT
Jennifer Merchant WES  2nd Grade Teacher WFT
Chester Millett  WHS  Business/Computer Teacher WFT
Deborah Milton  WMS STEM Teacher WFT
Wendy Miranda SPED  Student Services Team Coord Administration
Julia Moisiades  WHS Special Education Teacher WFT
Richard Monast  WMS  Media Center Specialist WFT
Renee Monteiro-Bernard  WMS  Art Teacher WFT
Holly Moreau District  Administrative Clerk Secretarial/Clerks
Robin Morin WES  1st Grade Teacher WFT
Julie Morotti WES 3rd Grade Teacher WFT
Cristine Morrissette SPED  Occupational Therapist WFT
Shirley  Mulcahy WES Special Education Secretary  Secretarial/Clerks
Judith Oliveira MAC  Executive Secretary Secretarial/Clerks
Korie Oliver MAC Intergrated Pre- K Teacher WFT
Kimberly Ouellette WCS District Admins Supervisor of Custodians Administration
Elton  Pacheco WMS STEAM Teacher WTF
Felicia  Pacheco District Registrar / Social Media  Administration
Holly Pacheco  WMS  7th Grade Science Teacher WFT
Jason Pacheco Jr/Sr HS - District Admins Athletic Director Administration
Stephanie Pacheco WHS Teacher Assistant - PARA/TA
Teresa Pacheco WES  Health & Wellness Teacher WFT
Trisha Paiva WMS  5th/6th  Grade Science Teacher WFT
Melissa Parker MAC  Integrated PreK Teacher WFT
Gary Parziale MAC  Physical Education Teacher WFT
Caroline Pavao  WHS  World Language Teacher WFT
Dianne Pereira  WMS Special Education Teacher WFT
Ronda Pereira Food Service - WHS Food Service Cafeteria
Tracy Pereira MAC  Nurse Nurses
Justin Perry Custodians - AM Custodian Facilities
Kimberly Perry  WHS  SC Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Sean Persico  WMS Assistant Principal Administration
Nicole Phenix  WHS  English Teacher WFT
Kerri Pierce  WMS Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Tammy Pimentel MAC  Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Korryn Pinard WES Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Eric Plant WES 3rd Grade Teacher WFT
Michael Ponte  WMS  8th Grade Social Studies Teacher WFT
Susan Porter WES  3rd Grade Teacher WFT
Jessica Randall District Physical Therapist WFT
Kara Raposo WES  Special Education Teacher WFT
Maria Raposo Food Service Staff - WES Food Service Manager Cafeteria
Tanya Raposo Food Service - WHS Food Service Staff Cafeteria
Aimee Rapoza WES  2nd Grade Teacher WFT
Michelle Rapoza WCS District Admins School Business Official Administration
Renee Rego WES  Special Education Teacher WFT
Shelley Rego WES 4th Grade Teacher WFT
Stephanie Rego Carvalho  WHS  Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Katherine Reis WES  3rd Grade Teacher WFT
John Rezendes Jr/Sr HS  .5 Film Video Teacher WFT
Kevin Richard Custodians - PM Custodian - PM Facilities
Stacy Rivera MAC  Special Education Teacher WFT
Amanda Rowley  WHS  English Teacher WFT
Leslie Ruel  WHS Guidance Counselor WFT
Karen Salva WES  1st Grade Teacher WFT
Deserie Sambun  WHS  Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Elaine Santos WCS District Admins SpEd Dir Administration
Mary-Catherine Santos  WMS 8th Grade Math Teacher WFT
Christopher Sardinha  WHS Special Education Teacher WFT
Jacob Sarza Maintenance Maintenance Assistant Facilities
Peter Sarza Maintenance Maintenance Assistant Facilities
Michelle Scott WES  ELL Teacher WFT
Matthew Shivers  WHS  English Teacher WFT
Kristen Shott WES  1st Grade Teacher WFT
Matthew Shunney WMS 5th Grade Social Studies Teacher WFT
Karen Sigman MAC Integrated PreK Teacher WFT
Amy Silva  WHS  Math Teacher WFT
Jordan Silva  WHS  Science Teacher WFT
Katherine Silva  WHS  Social Studies Teacher WFT
Maria Fatima Silva Food Service - MAC Food Service Cafeteria
Natalia Silva Jr/Sr HS  In School Suspension TA Para/TA
Nicole Sirois  WMS  6th Grade Science Teacher WFT
Sharon Skov  WHS  Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Avery Smith WES  Special Education Teacher WFT
Jamie Soares  WMS  Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Patricia Sommer  WMS Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Amy Sousa MAC  Kindergarten SPED Teacher WFT
Melissa Sousa WCS District Business Services (Accountant) Business Office
Alexandra  Souza WES Teacher Assistant  Para/TA
Glen Souza WCS District Custodian- Night
Linda Souza Food Service - WHS Food Service Manager Cafeteria
Maurice Steiblin Custodians - AM Custodian - Day Facilities
Ryan Struthers  WMS  5th/ 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher WFT
Liam Sullivan  WHS  Music Teacher WFT
Robin Sullivan  WMS Teacher Assistant - LBL Para/TA
Patricia Sulyma Custodians - PM Custodian - Night Facilities
Amy Teixeira  WMS  Health/Wellness Teacher WFT
Elizabeth Teixeira  WMS  Special Education Teacher WFT
Amanda Tetzloff  WMS  7th/8th Grade Social Studies Teacher WFT
Kevin  Thibodeau Custodians- Night Custodian  Facilities
Mark Thibodeau Custodians - Night Custodian - Mid Facilities
Sheldon Thibodeau  WHS  Social Studies Teacher WFT
Kelly Thiboutot MAC  Integrated Arts Teacher WFT
Michelle Thomas MAC  Kindergarten Teacher WFT
Anthony Tomah

WCS District Admins

Director of Technology Administration
Michelle Tripp  WMS  5th/6th Grade English Teacher WFT
Nancy Tripp  WMS  7th/8th Grade Reading Specialist WFT
Janet Vachon WES  Teacher Assistant Para/TA
Yamarie Vazquez SPED COTA (Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant) TA
Ana Vidinha Food Service - WHS Food Service Staff Cafeteria
Susan Viveiros WES  Library/Media Specialist WFT
Lynn Volk SPED  Speech Language Pathologist WFT
Suzanne Walinski  WHS Nurse Nurses
Mark  Ward  WMS Special Education Teacher  WFT
Samantha Westgate MAC  Intergrated Pre- K Teacher WFT
Shannon Whalen WCS District Speech Language Pathologist
Julie White SPED School Psychologist WFT
Andrea Willard WES  1st Grade Teacher WFT
Jody Williams  WMS  Teacher Assistant - LBL Para/TA
Chantal Zmuda WES  Art Teacher WFT