Westport Community Schools

Happy New Year to our staff, students and families! 2020 is going to be AMAZING for the Westport Community Schools!

Westport Community Schools Safety Drill Update

We have completed our second safety drill for the 2018-2019 school year.  We are proud of how all students and staff handled this drill.  Students had the opportunity to practice how they would secure their classroom if there was an intruder in the building.
During this drill, we learned about ways that we can barricade an entrance to a door to help make our classrooms more secure.  We also talked about what we should do to further keep us safe once the door and entryways have been secured.
At home, you can remind your children that it is VERY unlikely that we will ever have to use these strategies, but it is important that we continue to practice them.  Ask them to explain to you what they would do in the classroom if there was an announcement that there was an intruder/bad person in the building and if there classroom went into a lockdown.  Be sure to discuss things such as:  listening carefully to the directions of the teacher, helping the teacher (if appropriate), securing and barricading the door (if it is safe to do so), finding a safe place to hide in the room, being quiet, etc.
For our next safety drill, students and staff will practice the strategy of evacuation.  We will provide you more information about this strategy as we approach this drill date.
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