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APRIL 21, 2020 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Governor Baker has just announced that all schools in the Commonwealth will remain closed through the remainder of this school year and remote learning will continue through the last day of school..

WES Joins ST Math Massachusetts Program to Enhance Math Learning

The Westport Elementary School has been selected to join the ST Math® Massachusetts Program. MIND Research Institute, in partnership with Mass STEM Hub, a program of the One8 Foundation, has selected 60 additional Massachusetts schools to build ST Math® programs for all students. The ST Math Massachusetts Program, which seeks to expand high quality elementary math, began initial implementation with 54 schools last year and is continuing to expand.

ST Math is a visual instructional program that builds a deep conceptual understanding of math through rigorous learning and creative problem solving to engage, motivate and challenge PreK-8 students toward higher achievement. In a comparison of Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) results from the 2013/14 and 2016/17 school years, ST Math schools that implemented with high fidelity outgrew their counterparts in statewide math performance rank by 7.4 percentile points.

We’re excited to be able to offer our students a math program with proven results and the ability to build powerful problem solving skills.  Building a conceptual understanding of math in these formative years will give students the best chance at future success.  This school year, students at the Macomber Elementary had the opportunity to begin using the STMath program as part of last year's grant program.  We would like to thank Leah Chesney and Andrea Cottrill (at the Mac) for their commitment to bringing the program to our district this year and to Andrew Cottrill and Jennifer Fitton (at the WES) for their work this year to receive funding to advance this program to students in grades three and four at the WES.

On behlaf of the Westport Elementary, Mr. Cottrill and Ms. Fitton submitted to a competitive and rigorous multi-step application process. As a program member, the school will not only have access to ST Math, but to additional support and features including:

  • School grants to support adoption
  • Additional professional development opportunities
  • Personalized support from dedicated ST Math team members
  • Access to enhanced student and teacher dashboards
  • Cohort events to support best practice sharing and networking

"We are excited to work with MIND to welcome the second cohort of Massachusetts ST Math schools,” said Katherine Skrivan, Mass STEM Hub Director. “Through our partnership, we will work closely with educators to ensure they have the resources and support they need to provide high quality programming for their students across the Commonwealth.”

Brett Woudenberg, MIND Research Institute CEO, added, “We’re grateful for Mass STEM Hub’s support of MIND Research Institute, and particularly for their continued commitment to solving the nation’s math crisis. Mass STEM Hub is impacting a socially, economically, and geographically diverse group of students and teachers, and all of them will benefit from deeper, more conceptual learning thanks to the ST Math Massachusetts Program.”

About Mass STEM Hub:  Mass STEM Hub is a program of the One8 Foundation. The mission is to provide schools with access to and support for the next level of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) programming that engages students, while giving them skills to succeed in the high-tech, fast-changing world we live in. Mass STEM Hub scours the country to find best-in-class programs and helps make them a reality for our schools in Massachusetts. Learn more at mass-stemhub.org.


About MIND Research Institute:  MIND Research Institute is a neuroscience and education social impact organization, dedicated to ensuring that all students are mathematically equipped to solve the world’s most challenging problems. MIND is the creator of ST Math®, a visual instructional program that builds deep conceptual understanding of math through rigorous and creative problem solving to engage, motivate, and challenge Pre-K-8 students toward higher achievement. ST Math incorporates the latest in learning and the brain, promoting mastery-based learning and mathematical understanding. Longitudinal and broad-based studies across diverse population groups continue to demonstrate ST Math’s efficacy in building lifelong learners prepared for success in STEM fields. ST Math currently reaches more than 1.2 million students and 56,000 teachers at 4,300 schools in 47 states. For more information, visit stmath.com.

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