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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Please check the COVID-19 Resource page for an important update regarding the district's remote learning plan.

March 16 School Closing Update

Afternoon Update from the Superintendent’s Office

March 16, 2020 


If your child takes a medication in school and you need to obtain the medication from the school in order for your child to continue to take it during the three week school closure, please contact me at greese@westportschools.org by Tuesday, March 17th at 4:00 pm.  We will make arrangements for you to pick up the medication through our school nurses/nurse leaders at some point on Thursday, March 19, 2020.  In the email, please include your name, your child’s name/grade-level, and the school that your child attends. One of our nurses will contact you to arrange for the pickup of medication.

Additional Resources for students

Our elementary coaches, Mrs. Fitton and Mrs. Pontes, have developed some resources for our elementary students in the area of math and English.  Families can access information about these resources at: https://sites.google.com/westportschools.org/wcs-keeplearningalive/home  

Preschool/Kindergarten Student Registration

A letter with detailed information about Preschool/PreK registration will be mailed when school reopens, April 7th. Registration is scheduled to take place April 15-17.  If for any reason, we need to adjust those dates, we will notify families.

Breakfast/Lunch Options

Beginning on Monday, March 23rd, we will be providing families with an opportunity for a grab and go breakfast and lunch for any Westport resident under the age of eighteen.  We anticipate that the meals will be available to pick up at the Westport Junior Senior High School each day for all families. We recognize that some families may have some challenges getting to the high school for the meals.  If you anticipate this to be a problem, please reach out to Michelle Rapoza at mrapoza@westportschools.org to learn other options that may be available to help support any food needs your family may have.  Watch for more information to be provided later this week regarding the program.

School Committee Meeting

All upcoming town meetings will be held remotely.  There is a school committee scheduled for Thursday evening.  We will provide information later this week for individuals to be able to access the meeting and participate remotely, including those individuals that may wish to participate in the meeting through public comment.

There will be another update tomorrow evening.  Please be sure to check back to this page frequently to have the most current and accurate information regarding the school closure.  As we continue to make adjustments to our plan for meeting the needs of our students, staff and families, we appreciate your flexibility.  

Please take care of your families and yourselves.


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