Westport Community Schools

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Westport Community Schools Rolling Parade

Good Afternoon Westport families.

We have some uplifting news for you during these unsettling times...YOUR TEACHERS ARE TRAVELING! 

We have organized a rolling parade, if you would like to see it please stand outside your houses and give us a big wave as we drive by on Tuesday March 24th.  We’d love to see some great signs cheering on our amazing school family!! In order to follow Governor Baker’s announcement regarding a stay in place as of noon on Tuesday 3/24 we have made the decision to begin the teacher parade to 8:30. The route is listed below.  In order to strictly follow the social distancing guidelines, teachers will not be leaving their cars at any time before, during and after the parade. We are asking all families to follow the same guidelines and remain in front of your own house or if you must drive to an area on the route we are asking that you remain in your cars and enjoy the parade from a minimum of 10 feet from neighbors and friends  as well from the parade... please follow the guidelines provided by Governor Baker so everyone can safely enjoy the parade. Remember your teachers will be watching to be sure you follow the rules!



Transportation Route


8:30 am -Starting at Macomber School take right out of parking lot

Next right on Osborn Street, bear left at Arlington Ave then right onto route 6

Continue on Route 6 for approx. ¼ mile then right union Street continue to Grove Street then left on 

Center Street left on Forsythia Ln. then left on Fieldstone Dr. then right on 177.

Follow 177 for about 2 miles taking a right on Greenfield Rd. left onto Briar Dr., right on Spinnaker Way

Left onto Lighthouse Ln. Right onto 177. Next right onto Tickle Road then right onto Cortney Dr.

Right On Devol Ave. then Left on Brownell Ave, then left on Cortney Dr. then bear right out of the development.

Take left onto Tickle Rd. where you will cross through intersection to Robert St. follow to end then left 

onto Granada Dr., then Sawdy Dr. then slight left onto Beechwood Dr. then left on Denis Dr. right on 

Robert St. continue to end then right onto 177. Continue for about 1 mile then right onto Sodom Road,

Continue on Sodom Road for about 1 mile then left onto Jillian Way until end and slight right onto 

Shannon Dr. at end of road take left on Charlotte White Road and quick right onto Meadowbrook Ln 

then left onto Longwood Dr. that turns into Fernmarsh Ln. then at end take right onto Charlotte White 

Rd. at Intersection take right on Main Road 

Stay on Main Road for approx. 6 miles take left on Hotel Hill Road then cross 88 onto Drift Road.

Continue on Drift Road until the very end at Old County Road (approx.. 9 miles) take left on Old County and follow to 88.

At 88 take right and then another right off 88 onto 177 and take left onto Gifford Road. Take right onto 

Kyle Jacob Road then left on Rach’s Ln continue on Francis St. and left on Almada St. slight left on Bill St. 

then right onto Rosalyn St. at end take right and continue to the Macomber School


Total route may take 1.5 hours depending on traffic and speed of vehicles.

This is not a funeral procession. PLEASE FOLLOW ALL TRAFFIC RULES!

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