Westport Community Schools

The last day of school for Westport students will be Tuesday, June 18, 2019.  We will follow our half day school schedule.



Everyone wants to BE AMAZING - we talk about it, desire it, even make an effort to be it, but in the end too many fall short.

Those who do amazing things are passionate about what they do and are driven to perform at their personal best. They practice self-discipline by working hard and managing their time. They don't get caught up in negative activities like smoking, drugs or alcohol because they're aware of the negative consequences associated with them.

Amazing people don't let bullies, criticism, or uncontrollable circumstances hold them back from pressing on to achieve their goals. They recognize their limitations, but don't blame those limitations for their failures. They learn from mistakes and enthusiastically move forward toward reaching their full potential.

BE AMAZING! is an interactive program that will encourage your students to strive each day to attain their personal best and to leave behind a legacy they can be proud of - a legacy for others to follow.


Heroes are amazing! They wear cool costumes and fly around being brave and saving people from the villains of the world. Everyone looks up to them! They're...well...they're HEROES!

Camfel's BE A HERO! interactive assembly program will motivate your students to be heroes too! Sure, that won't mean cool costumes and flight will be options for them, but it will mean that they can behave like a hero by standing up for others and working hard to be their best.

Heroes don't let bullies hold them back from being positive and working hard to achieve their goals. They may not be able to leap over tall buildings, or bend steel, but they can be a "hero" to someone in need of a friend or help someone who is being bullied.

BE A HERO! is an interactive program that will encourage your students to excel in school, to help stop bullying, and to be a role-model - a "hero" for others to follow.

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