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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Please check the COVID-19 Resource page for an important update regarding the district's remote learning plan.

PE 3rd & 4th (Mr. P) while you are at home

Hello 3rd and 4th grade boys and girls,

Mr.Parziale (Mr.P) here. 

During this period out of school I would like to ask you to maintain your half mile fitness level. To do so I ask that at least twice a week you do a half mile walk / jog. When we do get back we will have our 1/2 mile presidential physical fitness post test. So Iā€™m asking that with supervision of a sibling who is older than you or a parent. That you simply do our instant activity routine that we do when we come into the Gym for Physical Education. That would simply be two lapse walking for a warm up 16 laps jogging and then two laps walking to cool down. You can simply use the home that your living in as a place to do this. You can do this walking and jogging around the outside of the house staying close to your house within five feet from the outside walls of the home/building. As most homes are rectangle in nature like our Gym.

Remember to wear sneakers and to be safe.

After doing this I would like you to track your progress and email me on google sheets your progress (see grade level google spread sheets below) You should see this link for your grade 3rd & 4th here. 

      In addition to this I want you to go to the School Web page PE/Health while you are home then click the link MAC/WES PE- WILDCAT DEN WORKOUT OPTIONS

Try as many of these great options as often as you like. Again track you activities you try and fill out the google sheet and email it to me gparziale@westportschools.org

Be safe and have fun!

3rd grade google spreed sheet:


4th grade google spread sheet:


We hope to see you back in school soon.