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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Please check the COVID-19 Resource page for an important update regarding the district's remote learning plan.

Band 5th (Mr. Nunes) while you are at home

Hello everyone,
Hope you are all staying safe.  Over the next couple of weeks while the schools are still closed, there are a few things that I would like you to work on just to keep your playing "chops" somewhat sharp.  Your "Tradition of Excellence" method book has an interactive practice studio that you can activate on any electronic device (smart phone, computer, tablet, etc...)  The instructions and the download code are on the back cover of your book.  
Once you have downloaded the interactive studio, you have access to "play along tracks", video lessons, and many more option to help you in your practice.  You will also be able to record your examples and email them to me for "critique."  These recordings will not be graded, and will allow me to give you feedback to help you improve.
Please continue to look over pages 6-10 in your book
Below is the email I received from Kjos Music (publisher of your book) on how to get started.
Please feel free to email me with any questions you might have and good luck.
Mr. Nunes

Dear Colleagues,

Many of you are faced with the need to create plans for online band instruction as we all come together in response to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). I want to remind you that if you are using either the TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE COMPREHENSIVE BAND METHOD or STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE ENHANCED COMPREHENSIVE BAND METHOD Second Edition, you already have everything you need to facilitate distance learning!


Eight easy steps:

  1. Have students activate the free INTERACTIVE Practice Studio on their desktop computer, tablet, or phone using the instructions in their student book.
  2. Assign lessons using your normal means of communicating with students online. Include specific teaching instructions that apply to your students.
  3. Have students practice the assigned exercises with the accompaniment recordings using the slowdown and looping features to facilitate learning and accuracy. Also have students review the included videos that apply to lessons you assign.
  4. Ask students to record their practice performances using the in-app Recording Studio, then have them email those recordings to you using the in-app email tool. Recording may consist of counting, counting and clapping, singing, and/or playing the exercise.
  5. Use Test Lines and Medal Lines to grade student progress. Students using TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE may also complete the test reflection forms for additional learning.
  6. Have students respond to questions that you create relating to the cultural and historical information in each book and in the IPS Yellow Star Extras.
  7. Ask students to complete the written exercises in the methods using the in-app Annotation Tools, then screenshot and electronically submit their work to you. You may also wish to have students write in the counting on each line in the book and submit that for your evaluation.
  8. Have students continue to prepare for future performances and festivals by practicing with the recordings of the included solos and band arrangements—both at tempo and below for maximum benefits. Assign specific passages for students to record for your evaluation.


All of us at Kjos extend to you our best wishes for the safety, security, and health of you, your families, and your students.



Mark Kjos

Neil A. Kjos Music Company