Westport Community Schools

The last day of school for the year will be June 25th.

School Year Calendar

School Year Calendar 2017 - 2018


August 29

New Teacher Orientation

August 30

Staff Convocation

August 31

Staff Training Day - No School

September 4

Labor Day

September 5

First Day of School Grades 1-12

September 6

First Day of School for Pre-K and Kindergarten

October 9

Columbus Day

November 7

First Term Ends - Marks Close

November 10  

Veterans' Day

November 22

Half Day-Thanksgiving Break

November 23-24

Thanksgiving Break

December 1

First Trimester Ends (MAC/WES)

December 22-January 1          

Winter Recess

January 12

Staff Training Day - No School

January 15

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 25

Second Term Ends - Marks Close

February 19-23

President’s Day/Winter Vacation

February 27

Early Release for Students/ Teacher Training

March 15

Second Trimester Ends (MAC/WES)

March 16

Early Release for Students/ Teacher Training

March 30

Good Friday

April 6

Third Term Ends – Marks Close

April 10

Early Release for Students/ Staff Training – Election Day

April 16-20

Patriot’s Day/Spring Vacation

May 11

Early Release for Students/Teacher Training

May 28           

Memorial Day

May 31   

Last Day of School for Seniors

June 3

High School Graduation

June 25           

Last Day for Grades K-11/ Early Release for Students / AFSCME Training


Fourth Term Ends - Marks Close


Third Trimester Ends




The School Committee has approved a 180-day school year calendar with an additional 5 days for emergencies.  The actual last day of school for grades K-11 will be no earlier than June 19th. and no later than June 29th.  Early release for seniors may be no sooner than 12 school days before the close of the school year.