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Bus arrangements for the previous school year do NOT carry over to the new school year!


If your child will require a different pickup or drop-off stop, you MUST fill out a bus change form (located under the

Forms and Document page) Bus Change Request Form ALL SCHOOLS SY20-21.

Bus change forms MUST be received in the Transportation office no later than August 14, 2020. 

You can email the form to mrapoza@westportschools.org or mail to

17 Main Road, Westport, MA 02790 Attn: Michelle Rapoza.


NO bus changes are allowed the first two weeks of school for the safety of the students and to assist the staff with a safe transition from school to home.




SY2020-2021 Transportation packets will not be mailed out until we receive further direction on the Transportation requirements for the Re-Entry of Massachusetts Schools.

We will continue to keep you informed.




Once we receive direction we will mail Transportation packets to our families. There will be NO late fees this year.

If you do not receive a packet, the forms are available on the transportation webpage under "forms and documents" or by calling the office at 508-636-1140, or my email mrapoza@westportschools.org.


Transportation fees are due by Friday, August 14, 2020. If your child(ren) qualify for free or reduced meals, their is a lunch application in your packet to fill out. If you qualify, your child will receive free transportation as well. The transportation forms MUST still be filled out and returned to the office. 


Thank you!

Library Services after school
Due to the construction of the new school,
Library services will NOT be available this school year. 
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
2020-2021 Bus Routes will be available August 28, 2020!
Please have children outside Tuesday morning 10 to 15 minutes prior to their pick up times. Please be patient as the pick up and drop-off times may vary 10 to 15 minutes before or after the scheduled times.
Thank you for your patience!
Bus changes ARE NOT accepted during the first two weeks of school.
Bus change forms are available online under transportation > forms.
THAN AUGUST 14, 2020. Bus change forms are for students being picked up or 
dropped off at an address other than their home address. There is a 24 hour notice for any and all bus changes, unless it is an emergency. 
Bus change form link:
Mail bus change forms to:
Transportation Department,
Westport Community Schools,
17 Main Road, Westport, MA  02790
Transportation Packet's & Fees SY2020-2021
Transportation packets will be mailed mid July 2020 to families for students in grades 7 - 12. There is a transportation fee for grades 7 - 12. The packets include a school lunch application, if your child(ren) qualify for free or reduced lunch, they will qualify for free transportation, BUT the applications must be filled out and mailed back to 17 Main Road, Westport, MA. 02790. Students are able to ride free for the first week of school, at which time, bus passes will be distributed to students and those without a pass will no longer be able to ride the school bus.
Any questions, please contact the office at 508-636-1140.
Thank you
Cell phone usage & seating arrangements
for Macomber & Elementary School students
Cell phones will not be allowed to be used on school buses for Macomber & Elementary School students, they may have them in their backpacks. If students are caught with their cell phones out and using them, students will be written up.
Bus Drivers have also been instructed to separate all children by grade.If parent's or guardians wish to have their children sit together, a note must be sent in to their appropriate schools. Siblings that sit together must follow school bus rules, if not they will not be allowed to continue to sit together and will be ask to sit in their age appropriate seat assignments.
If you have any questions, please contact your school building principal.
Bus Evacuations 

 Bus Stop Reminder

Students in grades 3 and above can be dropped off at their stops without an adult being present!
Students in grades Kindergarten to 2nd grade, MUST have an adult present in order for the student to be dropped off at their stop. If no adult is present the student will be returned back to their school.

Welcome Back!

-As the school year begins, please wait until the school bus comes to a complete stop before entering and exiting. 
-Students are not allowed to be dropped off to friends houses after school. Alternate transportation is made available to students & families for daycare purposes only!

-If you should have any bus issues, please contact the your child's Principal. Bus drivers are not allowed to have conversations with parents/guardians regarding bus issues. 
-Please DO NOT park, drop off or pick up students in the front of the school buildings. This area is for buses/vans and emergency vehicles only. If parked in that area, vehicles may be towed at the owners expense. 
Thank you for working with us to provide a safe environment for our students/staff and visitors!
Have a safe school year!


Please do not hand bus notes or bus change forms to bus drivers!


All notes and bus change forms must be distributed directly to the appropriate schools for your child's safety!

 Thank you



2020-2021 Bus Routes will be posted August 28, 2020.

Preliminary Bus Routes are now available below. If you do not see your child's bus stop, please email me at mrapoza@westportschools.org.

 Bristol Aggie Morning Bus

Bristol Aggie students will be picked up at the Westport Elementary School @ 380 Old County Road behind the Westport Middle School for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. Bus fee for Bristol Aggie students is $100.00.


1. A responsible person MUST be at the bus stop for students in Grades K-2. Parents must notify the school office in writing as to whom they have determined to be the responsible person that will be at the bus stop to receive the K-2 students. 
2. If a responsible person is not at the bus stop to receive a K-2 student, the student will be brought back to the school. The school will contact the parents to arrange for pick up. 
-After 2 times; the student will lose bus privileges for a week,
-After 3 times; the student will lose bus privileges for 2 weeks, a DCF report (51A) may be filed and the student's privileges will not be restored until the student's parent or guardian has met with the Principal/Assistant Principal and the Director of Transportation to ensure that the student will have a responsible person at the bus stop to meet the K-2 student on a daily basis.
Messages to the kids:
1. Never cross close to the front of the bus – make sure the driver can see you.
2. Never pick up anything you drop close to or under the bus – ask the driver what to do.
3. Never run after a bus or bang on the side.
4. If you must cross the street in front of the bus, follow the driver’s directions, and stop and look before you cross.
5. Never run across a street, it’s better to miss the bus than rush and risk being hit by a car.
6. Stay away from the rear and sides of the bus – always be in a safe place where the driver can see you.
7. FOOD is NOT ALLOWED on buses due to students with food allergies! Students caught eating would be immediately dismissed of bus riding privileges!

Messages to the motoring public:
1. Never pass a school bus when its stop lights are flashing.
2. Be extra vigilant around school hours – assume a child might run out at any moment.
3. Be courteous to school buses, give them room and let them change lanes when they need to.
Transportation Evacuation drills are mandated to be conducted 2 times per year to provide training for the students for safe ways to evacuate buses in case of an emergency.

Urgent Message! - FOOD ON SCHOOL BUSES

There is NO food allowed on school buses!


At the beginning of the school year Westport Community Schools informed ALL parents that students caught eating on the school bus would be immediate grounds for dismissal of bus privileges! Some students still continue to eat on the bus without being aware that some foods may contain allergens that may cause Anaphylaxis - a severe, potentially fatal allergic reaction.



Although nearly any food is capable of causing an allergic reaction, only eight foods account for 90 percent of all food-allergic reactions in the United States. These foods are:

Reference: http://www.foodallergy.org





                                                                    Discrimination Statement (April 1, 2018)

"It is the policy of the Westport Community Schools to maintain a learning and working environment that is free from harassment, violence or discrimination based on actual or perceived race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex/gender, marital status, homelessness, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, family care leave status, pregnancy or any condition related to pregnancyor military/veteran status."


School Business Administrator, Director of Transportation & Food Services

Michelle A. Rapoza






2019-2020 Bus Routes are available below!
If you do not see your child's bus stop, please email me at mrapoza@westportschools.org.