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The Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Department, supports the learning of all students and staff in the Westport Community Schools and provides meaningful information about our educational programs to parents. Our curriculum, which aligns with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, is focused on engaging all students in meeting standards and aligning instructional materials and learning strategies. Curriculum, assessment, and instruction are looked at through the following questions:

  1. What do we want our students to learn (to know and be able to do)? 
    (Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum / Learning Targets)
  2. How will we know they are learning?
    (Assessment System)
  3. What research-based instructional practices will be used to ensure high levels of learning for all students? 
  4. What will we do if students are not learning or have already learned the material?
    (Access to Intervention and/or Enrichment)


Curriculum/Course Alignment

Students learn best when the instruction they receive and the assessments used align with state standards. To ensure student achievement, it is critical that the curriculum (what we teach), instruction (how we teach), and assessment (how we know students are learning) align.



The Massachusetts Common Core Standards (http://www.doe.mass.edu/candi/commoncore/) provide the foundation of the defined curriculum of the school district. Curriculum documents may take a variety of forms: a district curriculum guide or scope and sequence, a course syllabus, or a unit or lesson plan.


Instruction: refers to the implementation of the defined curriculum—the teacher’s methods and use of instructional resources.



Assessment: takes many forms, including diagnostic, classroom-based, formative and summative assessments that measure student proficiency and acquisition of skills as they related to the defined curriculum.

Westport Community Schools 3 - Year Curriculum Improvement Plan (Updated)