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Curriculum Leadership

Curriculum Leadership

The mission of the Westport Community Schools Curriculum Leadership Teams is to develop an integrated, cohesive and rigorous curriculum, instruction and assessment system that ensures student achievement. Teacher leaders meet regularly throughout the year reviewing curriculum, instruction and assessment and at least annually, share their recommendations with the School Committee and community at large.
     The mission of the Westport Community Schools Science Leadership Team is to facilitate                        communication and sharing between buildings, develop a consistent district-wide curriculum, K-12 and       to recommend professional development opportunities that support the goals of the science department.


      The mission of the Westport Community Schools Social Studies Leadership Team is to facilitate in       the vertical aligning of a curriculum which will recognize the political, economic, geographic and      social implications of the past in order to analyze those influences of the present and the future.


The Westport Community Schools  Mathematics Leadership Team believe that all students should be engaged in developmentally appropriate and rigorous mathematical curricula. 


Students will attain a higher level of mathematical knowledge and problem solving ability by:
        Developing a strong foundation of number sense, spatial awareness and patterns.
        Using reasoning and logic to independently solve real world problems and authentic situations.
        Using evidence and reasoning to justify and explain mathematical solutions.
The Westport Community Schools  English Language Arts LeadershipTeam will collaborate,
reflect, and provide direction, ensuring the WCS literacy continuum aligns with the Massachusetts
Curriculum Framework and 21st century learning expectations.