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The community forum to meet the two finalists for the Westport Elementary School Principal position will be held on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 from 6:15 - 8:00 pm in the WES cafeteria.


Welcome to the Extended Day Program


Westport Elementary & Macomber Primary Schools

Pre K through age 12

(Pre K slot only available in the morning Breakfast club at this time, Sorry for the inconvenience) 
Welcome to the Extended Day Programs for Macomber Primary and Westport Elementary. I have so much to tell you!   The program is an education based program that works along side your child's family as long as with the school your child attends.  There is academic support through out the school year as well as during vacation and summer time, we have many educational activities that are so much fun the children have no idea they are learning.  The curriculum of the program is based on different activities that include math, reading, science, STEM, physical activities, nutrition, dramatic play centers, arts and crafts, manipulative activities, games, computer technology, library time and much more.
The hours of the program are to assist you with care during all out of school time.  The program offers, before and after school time, professional development/school closing times, early release time, and vacation times, from Christmas to Summer Vacation.
The program for the breakfast club will be held at the school your child attends while the after school program and vacation program is held at the ELEMENTARY school for all children.  The Macomber children K - 2nd grade will be bused from Macomber to the Elementary School daily.
Whether you need care five days a week or just two days, we can accommodate your needs.  Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss your needs.  I look forward to speaking to you!  
Happy Parenting,
Donna Lamontagne
Extended Day Coordinator







Summer 2019 Program


More information to Follow




Summer Window is now closed !

Please contact Jessica Rioux at 774-309-4359 or email her at jrioux@westportschools.org for more information 








Extended Day Registration for February Vacation now in progress. 

February Vacation Dates and Times:

Tuesday 2-19-19 until Friday 2-22-19

7am - 5:30pm

Please contact:  

Jessica Rioux
or contact her by



 April Vacation dates will be:

Tuesday 4-16-19 until Thursday 4-18-19

7am - 5:30pm


Please remember!

Send your children in with appropriate clothing so they can go outside and enjoy the weather daily.

The Extended Day Program sends the children out daily for some nice fresh air!

Thank you!




Sign ups
Breakfast Club and After School care
Please call
Jessica Rioux
or contact her by
Please review the webpage for all your child care needs.  We are here to serve you so please do not hesitate to call me at any time.  
Thanks you and enjoy your children.
Donna Lamontagne :)
The Extended Day Program has it's very own Facebook Page...check it out!!!!