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To reset power system on Chromebooks hold down the refresh button while pressing the power button for several seconds.   Then plug in and turn on.   Please contact jkenepp@westportschools.org or jcabral@westportschools.org  or call 774-309-3384.


Video Tutorial – This is a quick tutorial on the basics for Google Classroom.

Quick tip:

Once you have joined a class go to your calendar for a quick view of assignments. You will see that your class has a calendar on the left side pane. You can check calendars you want to view or uncheck to remove assignments/events from the view.


Meet disconnects

Video is flashing/colored background – You may have accidentally changed to I/R (Infrared) mode.

On the Join Screen or when in a meeting:

Other video or audio issues – If you are experiencing freezing and/or audio issues, you may need to run an update. (This applies to Windows computers and Chromebooks.)

Update Chromebooks

Update Chromebooks –

Update Windows

Update Windows –

Reset Chrome User Settings

Disable Extensions – 

Reset User Settings –

For Google Meet issues, please contact jgraham@westportschools.org or call 774-309-3384.

Technology Dept contact info is here.