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Information about Westport Community Schools

Westport has its own school system. There are three schools: Alice A. Macomber School, which provides pre-school (pre-kindergarten) and kindergarten, Westport Elementary School, near the Head of Westport, which serves grades 1-4; and Westport Middle-High School, which serves grades 5-12. Students who graduate from Westport Middle-High School with enough credits in certain fields of study will earn special academy certificates, in addition to their high school diplomas. Westport Community Schools has a total student population of 1,430. 

Their team name is the Westport Wildcats who have won multiple championships in the Mayflower League. The Wildcats are one of the few teams in the Mayflower League who have won multiple championships in every sport. Their mascot is the Wildcat, and their colors are brown, white and gold (Westport using brown and white after Brown University). The school is a member of the Mayflower League, and competes against mostly division 3 and 4 schools in the region.

Westport High School graduated 97.5% of its class in 2021.