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Welcome, parents, here, you'll discover essential information on student fees, inclement weather updates, volunteer opportunities, and much more. Explore all the resources and details you need to stay informed and engaged in your child's educational journey.


Details regarding the Westport Community Schools

Westport boasts its educational system comprising three distinct institutions: Alice A. Macomber School, catering to preschool and kindergarten levels; Westport Elementary School, situated near the Head of Westport, designed for students in grades 1 through 4; and Westport Middle-High School, accommodating students from grades 5 to 12. Upon graduation from Westport Middle-High School, students meeting specific credit requirements in designated fields receive specialized academy certificates, enhancing their high school diplomas. The total student enrollment across Westport Community Schools stands at 1,506.

The institution's athletic teams, known as the Westport Wildcats, have garnered numerous championships within the Mayflower League, distinguishing themselves as one of the league's most successful teams across various sports. Represented by the Wildcat mascot, the school's colors—brown, white, and gold—draw inspiration from Brown University, with Westport adopting brown and white hues. As a member of the Mayflower League, Westport competes primarily against division 3 and 4 schools within the region.

In the graduating class of 2021, Westport High School achieved an impressive graduation rate of 97.5%.

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