Superintendent’s Message

The goal of the Westport Community Schools is to provide students, staff and families with a safe learning environment where students can receive the best possible educational experience and develop both the academic and social emotional learning skills necessary for success in college, career and life.

Welcome to our Westport Community School’s website! 

The term “our” school website is not used haphazardly but reflects an understanding that any organization’s success starts with the inclusivity that every family and community member should experience here. In our mission statement, we aim “to provide a safe, cooperative learning environment where all students take pride in learning skills, develop talents, and gain knowledge that prepares them to reach their full potential and become productive members of society.” To achieve this goal, students, families, and all stakeholders must become fully engaged in our curricula and extracurricular activities. In meeting our obligation to help families achieve their children’s educational goals, we want to hear from you directly about what we can add to our current offerings that will enrich your child’s experience here.

We know that the start of any school year brings opportunities and challenges for students to navigate.  As we work together through the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, we know that our problems will be more significant for students and families than ever. Be advised that the Westport Community School’s professional staff is here to ensure your child’s educational experience is robust and enriching. As such, our instructors have attended and continue to participate in professional development to improve their online presence should we have to switch learning platforms. Rest assured that if the time comes to switch from one learning platform to another, we will be ready to transition quickly, minimizing as best as possible to limit learning loss and fulfill the community’s high educational standards that students deserve. 

To our students, we will need you to help us transition to the “new normal” that we are currently experiencing due to the current pandemic. In particular, the loss of traditional events that are part and parcel of the past’s school experience may no longer occur. We can lament this passively or be proactive in looking to substitute for the activities that will no longer be allowed. To achieve this, we will need to hear from you early and often throughout your school career. Let us come together collectively, so we can make your time at “our” Westport Community Schools filled with incredible memories that will last a lifetime.

Thomas F. Aubin
Superintendent of Schools