Inclement Weather & School Closings

The decision to delay or close school is made by the Superintendent as early as circumstances permit. Usually the decision is made by 5:15 A.M., but changing weather conditions could result in a later decision.

Since the decision must be made so early in the morning and the efficiency with which the town and state can treat the roads may differ, it is difficult to make decisions with precision. As the superintendent, I make the final decision to cancel classes based on the best information available and with student safety in mind. However, should classes be held and you feel that specific conditions in your area are unsafe; of course you may decide to keep your child home.

Once the decision is made, messages go to area radio and TV stations. The timeliness of local station broadcasts is beyond our control. Participating stations are listed here.

If a delay is necessary, all schools will be open 60-120 minutes later in the day. Buildings will open late after the usual starting time, and buses will arrive later according to the new start time to pick up students. As building personnel will also be arriving later to school, parents who drive their students to school should plan to drop them at school 60-120 minutes later, too. Please understand that school personnel will not be available to supervise at the regular starting time.

Parents should also work with the school to prepare an emergency plan for various inclement weather contingencies. It is especially important to have an early dismissal plan for children who attend the lower grades. If weather and safety issues warrant early dismissal, notification will be made over the same radio and television stations listed above, as well as the district’s website. Parents should take appropriate precautions and should monitor local radio and television stations for notification of a cancellation.

In the event of a possible weather-related early release, parents/guardians are asked to listen to the radio and television or check our website and are requested not to call schools or school personnel, because business telephone lines must be kept clear during such emergencies. If we have your current contact information, you will be notified by our automated system.

Channel 7 Weather App 

Radio Stations

WSAR 1480
WBSM 1420
WPRO 630
WPRO-FM 92.3
WSNE-FM 93.3
WHJJ 920
WHJY-FM 94.1
WWBB-FM 101.5
WWLI-FM 105.1
WFHN-FM 107.1

Television Stations

Channel 64
Channel 36
Channel 28
Channel 25
Channel 12
Channel 10
Channel 7
Channel 6
Channel 5
Cable Channel 16 (early dismissals only)