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Leadership and Educational Advancement Program

Westport Community Schools is pleased to announce that we will be opening LEAP applications this February!   

Please click on link for application:  Application 



The Leadership and Educational Advancement Program is an initiative designed to give rising 8th grade students the opportunity to get a jump start on high school and apply for DUAL or EARLY enrollment at Westport High School before their grade 8 year even begins.

How does it work? 

Interested 7th graders can apply in mid-April, for pre-admission to Westport High School. Students who successfully complete the application process will be considered for the program.  Students who are pre-admitted for DUAL or EARLY enrollment will begin at Westport High School in the Fall of 2024.

How are DUAL and EARLY enrollment different? 

Students in DUAL Enrollment take Gr. 8 core subjects in the Middle School and electives in the High School.  Students who are eligible for EARLY Enrollment take all Gr. 9 courses at the High School.

What are the benefits?

  • Experience a new level of challenge
  • Access high school curriculum at Westport High School

  • Accelerate learning for a faster path to college and/or career

  • Create more time for internships, dual enrollment, &AP classes

  • Build a bridge between the middle and high school years

  • Propel students who are highly motivated and independent

What is the application process?  

The process includes completion of an application form and a personal statement; submission of a graded writing assignment from a core subject and one teacher recommendation; and a review of report cards, attendance and behavior records for grades 6 and 7.  The selection committee may also request an interview with the student, if needed.

What about the cost? 

There is no cost to families for student participation in LEAP.

How can I get more information?

For more information on this program please email Christina Borges at



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For more information on this program please email

Christina Borges at

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