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Out of School Time Program

Welcome to the Extended Day Program
Westport Elementary & Macomber Primary Schools
Servicing students in grades K to 6

Beginning on August 30th, the Extended Day Program will be changing its name to the WCS Out of School Time Program (OST Program). Using this name is more reflective of what we do both before and after school, as a common misconception is that we provide additional academics as an extension of the school day.  Below is an explanation from the CDC on what these programs are, as well as how important they are to the  communities and youth being served. 


"Out of School Time (OST) is a supervised program that young people regularly attend when school is not in session. This can include before- and after- school programs on a school campus or facilities such as academic programs (e.g., reading or math focused programs), specialty programs (e.g., sports teams, STEM, arts enrichment), and multipurpose programs that provide an array of activities (e.g., 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCAs).

About 7.7 million US children head to after school programs when the school day ends. Young people who stay for after-school programming spend a large part of their waking hours on the school campus. OST programs provide youths with safety and supervision. Research shows that some OST programs can support student academic achievement and may play a role in reducing health disparities.   Additionally, programs that follow evidence-based practices aimed at improving personal and social skills of youths are linked with positive social behaviors". 

-The Center for Disease Control


I have already received many inquiries regarding when we will begin enrollment for the upcoming school year. This will take place over the next two weeks, so thank you in advance for your patience. 



Jennifer Chaves

Director- WCS Extended Day Program

Welcome Message From The Director 

Thank you for choosing Westport Community Schools (WCS) Extended Day Program. We are committed to provide quality childcare and enrichment experiences that promote growth and success in a safe, compassionate and nurturing environment. The WCS Extended Day Program provides Westport Community School students in grades K-7 with extracurricular activities in a safe enrichment environment. 


If you have any questions, feedback, or would like to tour the program first-hand to see if it is appropriate for your child, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. We are excited to say that we will be opening up both morning afternoon slots soon, so watch for more information to follow. Please view our Parent Handbook regarding information on Tuition Rates and Program Hours of Operation. 


Thank you, 

Jennifer Chaves

Director, WCS Extended Day Program


Our Staff
The Extended Day Program operates under the supervision of the Director, Lead Child Care Educator, Child Care Educators and Childcare Assistants who participate in Department of Early Education Care training and are very experienced working with youth. Several staff have earned their degree in Early Childhood Education as well as Elementary and Secondary Education. All are CPR and First Aid certified. 

Extended Day Program Parent Handbook

Summer Camp is underway and there are lots of new faces and friends to make. The kids are having a blast with competitions in the gym, arts and crafts, dramatic play, and of course the special visit today by the ice cream truck. Special thanks to Richie Gomes and the Cool Licks Ice Cream Truck for keeping us cool today!

A very special thanks to the Westport PD, for being able to keep us safe all summer and even playing some games with our campers. You are heroes in their eyes, so thank you!

After a long week of moving and settling into our new space at the former Middle/High School, here is the transformation of the Extended Day Program. The kids, as well as parents/guardians, are loving the gymnasium, new classrooms, and all of the new space. We are so very lucky to have this new site :)

Good Afternoon, 

Due to an overwhelming response regarding enrollment in our Extended Day Summer Camp, we will now have to place families on a waitlist. I cannot thank the Administration and School Committee enough for their continued support of this program. Seventy slots were filled within three days of the announcement, which is an amazing feeling and a credit to staff who work tirelessly all summer. I encourage parents/guardians to reach out if you are still in need of care, as I may be able to be flexible with certain days that have a lower enrollment. 


For those currently enrolled in the summer program, more information will follow with themed days, events, and all other camp related items. Please reach out to me at for any questions you may have. 


Thank you, 
Jennifer Chaves

The children are having a blast at our new Extended Day site, and staff are truly creating the most nurturing, safe, and fun environment. Highlights this week were an amazing lesson in water color painting with Miss Savannah, our emoji feelings charts, and getting your own locker! 


We’ve implemented a feelings chart in each room, which children really looking forward to each day. They can talk about their feeling with their peers, which is happening more and more. As the Director, it’s been eye opening. I’ve had several children wanting to share their feelings with me, which has given me great insight on how their day may have been at school, and what to expect at Extended Day. Each classroom has a “Take a break” area as a result of this. Children can sit there with fidgets, coloring sheets, and other calming activities to reduce any sort of anxiety or sensory overload. 


Lastly, and the most exciting part of this week, was getting a locker! The children are loving their lockers, and impressed that I remember where my locker was from 24 years ago . Ironically, it’s exactly where the children have theirs. It was another great week 


Again, thank you to all who support this program :) 


Sincerely , 

Miss Jennifer 

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Jennifer Chaves

Director, Extended Day Program