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Mentor and Induction Program

Welcome New Educators! Whether you are new to education or new to your position in here at Westport Community Schools, we are looking forward to having you join our community of educators dedicated to equity and excellence in teaching and learning.

Westport Community Schools has a successful track record of retaining highly qualified and dedicated educators. One of the most important elements to our success is our mentor-induction program for all newly hired educators.

Ms. Kristin McDaniel, Human Resources and Ms. Dianne Pereira, Special Education Teacher Special Education Teacher oversee the mentor & induction program. Mentors work with newly appointed teachers in a formal setting throughout one’s first year of employment here at Westport Community Schools, and of course remain in place on an as needed, informal basis for one’s second and subsequent years of employment.

The Mentor & Induction program at Westport Community Schools adheres to DESE guidelines set forth for Induction of Beginning Educators and the Department’s Standards for Induction Programs for Teachers. The DESE also publishes Guidelines for Induction Programs, which we follow.

Dates to Remember

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