Mentor & Induction Program

Welcome New Educators!  Whether you are new to education or new to your position in here at Westport Community Schools, we are looking forward to having you join our community of educators dedicated to equity and excellence in teaching and learning.

Westport Community Schools has a successful track record of retaining highly qualified and dedicated educators.  One of the most important elements to our success is our mentor-induction program for all newly hired educators.

Ms. Kristin McDaniel, Human Resources and Ms. Dianne Pereira, Special Education Teacher Special Education Teacher oversee the mentor & induction program.  Mentors work with newly appointed teachers in a formal setting throughout one’s first year of employment here at Westport Community Schools, and of course remain in place on an as needed, informal basis for one’s second and subsequent years of employment.

The Mentor & Induction program at Westport Community Schools adheres to DESE guidelines set forth for Induction of Beginning Educators and the Department’s Standards for Induction Programs for Teachers.  The DESE also publishes Guidelines for Induction Programs, which we follow.

Dates to Remember

  • Kick-Off Meeting
    Tues Sept. 22, 2020
    2:30-3:45 (WJHS Educators)
    3:30-4:45 (MAC & WES Educators)

In accordance with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education that requires “each public school district seeking to hire a provisional educator with advanced standing must submit a plan to the department of education which details how the district will supervise and support such provisional educators with advanced standing”. [Chapter 71, Section 38G]

The goal of the Westport Community School District’s New Teacher Mentor program is to provide teachers with a systematic structure of support that helps them become familiar with their school and district refine their practice and better understand their professional responsibilities. The New Teacher Mentor Program is an essential part of a teacher’s first year of teaching and the beginning of a teacher’s professional development activities. The induction program is a fundamental part of Westport Community School’s Professional Development Plan as well as the District and School Improvement Plans.

A teacher induction program can help new teachers:

  • systematically build on successful classroom practice
  • learn professional responsibilities
  • positively affect student learning

A teacher Mentoring Program can help veteran teachers:

  • to reflect upon practice
  • unite the learning community as each individual works toward the same goal
  • improve the quality of education.

Induction/Mentoring programs have the potential of elevating the teaching profession and fostering a collaborative learning community for all educators. These benefits can lead to an increased rate of retention, as new educators find themselves in an educational environment that cultivates continual growth and success.


New teachers must be able to discuss problems openly and honestly with their mentor. The role of the mentor is that of a collaborator not an evaluator. The mentor, as a result of this confidentiality agreement and handbook will not be expected to share written or verbal information with any evaluator or administrator.