Westport Community Schools Raises Over $600 for Local Animal Shelter Through Holiday Bake Sale and Raffle

WESTPORT — Interim Superintendent Thomas F. Aubin is pleased to announce that the Westport Community Schools has raised $611 for Forever Paws Animal Shelter through a bake sale and raffle. 

The fundraiser was connected to a multidisciplinary unit at Westport Junior Senior High School where students learned about holidays celebrated in various cultures and then cooked traditional food items from those holidays. Some of the items included were French crepes, Diwali cookies and German gingerbread houses. 

Students then held a bake sale and raffle, applying mathematical skills, citizenship, occupational skills and functional skills.

“We are both proud and excited about the work that these students have done,” Interim Superintendent Aubin said. “This group raised desperately needed funds for the Forever Paws animal shelter as part of this project. It goes to show how excited they were about this multidisciplinary unit that encompasses practical skills that will serve them well after leaving us.”

Students in teacher teacher Dianne Pereira’s class enlisted the help of the school’s kitchen staff, who helped students use the ovens in the cafeteria, which made the bake sale possible. 

Students will donate the money to Fall River-based Forever Paws Animal Shelter, after the holiday break. 


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