Westport Junior Senior High School Hosting Students from Japan as Part of International Exchange Program

WESTPORT —  Superintendent Gary Reese is pleased to announce that several students and two teachers from Aomori, Japan are spending two weeks at Westport Junior Senior High School as part of a long-running International Exchange Program.

The group arrived on Saturday, Feb. 1, and will be in town through Thursday, Feb. 13.

Every year since 1986, the International Exchange Club at Westport High School has hosted students from Japan for approximately two weeks. Students from Westport have gone to Japan in the past as part of the program as well.

During the school day they spend time exploring all of the academics at the school. In the evenings and on the weekends there are a variety of activities planned, including trips into Boston, group dinners, karaoke nights and sporting events.

Each visiting student and teacher is matched up with a host family for their trip. Westport students will volunteer to house a Japanese student, and typically WJSHS teachers will house the teachers.

The group took part in an assembly at the school on Thursday, Feb. 7, where they presented about their culture and life at home.

“There are numerous benefits to the program for both our students and those visiting,” said English teacher Richard Monast, the advisor and organizer of the program. “Each group has the opportunity to experience a new culture, as well as form friendships that are long-lasting. Students from Aomori have never come to Westport before, so we are excited to be partnering with a brand new school.”

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